Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile

There are several differences between these two bases that we often use for our hand-painted ceramic tiles.

The ceramic tiles tend to expand more with temperature and can show some sensitivity in areas where there are variable changes in the temperature.  These types of tiles are also more porous than the porcelain tile.

Most are concerned when it comes to swimming pools. If, for example, you have a swimming pool let’s say in Chicago; without maintenance, you may find that this type of base is more likely to crack.

We have found that when our customers empty out the pool during the winter months then the tiles will reliably stay in good condition until the spring/summer months. We have had customers who have had no problems using this type of method, in extreme weather conditions like Chicago.

In places like where the temperature and weather variations are similar to Los Angeles,  ceramic tiles have been used in fountains and swimming pools with no problems in terms of cracking or other unprovoked damage to the tile.

For high traffic areas…we always recommend that porcelain is used in this application just because the porcelain tiles have less shrinkage due to temperature changes; and because these tiles tend to be more durable in these types of applications more than the ceramic tile may be, thus needing less upkeep in the years to come.

In terms of coloring, porcelain with the white background gives some colors a more brilliant light whereas the quarry tiles with the rust ground coloring can give more warmth to the coloring.