Peacock Mural fountain

Field Tiles

Our ” In Stock” field tile glazes…we have more glazes for custom jobs, you can also provide your own color for standard to match.

Field tiles are available in 6×6, 4×4 and 3×6 as well as any trims



We offer classical decorative tile ranges in the Craftsman and Moorish styles as well as the more Modern in Ceramic Concepts  and Modernist  range that can be used as accents for your applications.

field tiles and deco tiles
A great example of field tiles glazed to work with the decorative tiles.



Our selection of glazes is completely unique. We also offer a selection of trims to professionally finish your design projects.


Customized designs are also available, as is a collection of “In Stock” styles….just contact our offices to discuss your specific project needs.



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