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Peacock Mural fountain



Decorative pool tiles are so much fun for pools, fountains, and Jacuzzis! They can be used for the waterline.
One of the most exciting things is watching the tiles getting set into the empty hole and after the water is in – finally see how beautiful your new pool is – with your own…custom…designed..tiles!!
There is often a misconception that decorative pool tiles have to be made of porcelain to withstand the temperature – cold temperatures. But we have found that clay-based tiles do just fine – especially in the Los Angeles vicinity. Still, as one goes into much colder temperatures we can also use a much denser tile that can easier withstand the shrinkage and absorbs even less water over time. 
Depending on the style of the house – for a modern home you might like modern tiles cleaner designs and less color and for a more traditional place using more Spanish tiles might be the way to go. Either way, you can bring your design, or reproduce something historical to add your special touch to your home.
If having a deco tile in your pool is not for you then you might consider using field tiles to tell a color story of your dreams. Multiple colors or one handglazed color will give you pool the feeling of luxioury and indulgence a small fountain that will give some interest or a point of focus to your pool. Often even a small growth pattern on a tile can add some expressive styling to your pool and the surrounding area.
Additionally, you can create some interest and add color to your pool by using hand-glazed tiles that are solid or field tiles and create an undulation of color throughout your pool. 
Keep in mind that the tiles should be glossy or at the very least semi-glossy so that water absorption is kept at a minimum.