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Ceramic Concepts who we are banner - 3 shades of blue glaze on tiles


Ceramic Concepts makes custom hand-painted tiles. Moorish tiles (Moroccan tiles), Spanish tiles as well as modern tiles are a few of the tile styles that are produced at the studio. Catering to private homes as well as to commercial spaces, Ceramic Concepts brings a touch of beauty to every space.

Welcome to Ceramic Concepts! Our studio has been a pillar of creativity since its establishment in 1992, then nestled in the vibrant heart of Venice Beach, California. With the golden rays of Southern California illuminating our space and the laid-back beach lifestyle as our backdrop, we thrived in an inspiring and nurturing environment.
Beyond being a haven for artistic expression, our studio played a vital role in the Venice community. We proudly hosted various educational programs for children, such as ‘Dreamteam,’ ‘The Arts Mecca,’ and ‘Social Point,’ fostering a love for creativity and imagination.
For 15 remarkable years, our studio called Echo Park, the artsy “inner city” of Los Angeles, it’s home. Here, we embraced the fusion of old and new, cultivating a vibrant culture that stimulates and energizes the senses. We inspired and fired for a few elementary schools in the area – always finding ways to spread our love of clay and tiles – and help inspire young minds.
As of September 2022, we have embarked on an exciting new chapter. We have relocated to the breathtaking Palm Desert, a community surrounded by mesmerizing desert landscapes and majestic mountains. In this oasis, we find inspiration at every turn, complemented by an abundance of arts, culture, and world-class events. It’s a truly unique and captivating environment for our creative endeavors.
Join us at Ceramic Concepts as we continue to celebrate the beauty of art, nurture young minds, and explore the wonders of our extraordinary desert surroundings.

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The Ceramic Philosophy


Tile art

Clay, the first material human used for daily purposes, became more ornate over time and grew into a cultural expression.

Fire, clay, and mineral are the fundamental tools of a ceramist. Cultural heritage, personal taste, and environment determine color and design.

Daily life at the studio involves a process of tile cutting, design, glazing, and firing.

Cutting Tiles with a tile saw - hands and saw
Cutting Tiles with a tile saw - hands and saw

Daily life at the studio involves a process of tile cutting, design, glazing, and firing.

Man and machine, It has to be done right. Form, shape, and size. Creating a playground for color and design. Diamond blade wet saw. The tile maker’s best friend.

The look and the field, the thin black line. Squeezing through the soft silk. Creating spaces to be filled.

The old Spanish “Cuerda Seca” or Dry line method