Various Installations and Applications of our Hand-Painted Tiles

There are many applications for hand-painted tiles (decorative tiles or field tiles). This style of tile painting is an ancient art that has been used for years in the decoration of homes and working environments.

In areas where there is a lot of moisture or water, we recommend the use of glossy glazes as these offer an extra layer of protection so that your decorative tiles will last a long time. In addition, for high-traffic areas, and for pools we recommend the use of porcelain tiles as a base as these absorb less moisture and are generally much more resilient than a quarry of clay tile bisque.

White Bathroom with Traditional Malibu Artichoke Tile

Since the beginning of our business (more than 20+ years ago), we have made tiles for residences and commercial spaces alike. There have not been any problems save for one incident where the customer in the Chicago area forgot to cover the pool during the winter season. For this reason, they cracked in the snow and we replaced them.

Ceramic Pool Tiles with fountain made with deco tiles

We have tiles installed in the Los Angeles Union Station as well as other commercial places where there is lots of traffic and possible wear and tear. There have, to this date, been no problems.

As a custom house we have worked with many types of styles but the main category is in Spanish tiles (from which the Malibu and the Catalina styles are derived), as well as Moorish tiles. We encourage you to look into the style you prefer and we can recreate the looks you desire within your home. Some people find that even though they live in a Spanish home, if they have a more modern streamlined taste, they can pick out more geometric or cleaner modern styles that we can create for them, with them.

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