Decorative Tile Styles

Decorative Tiles : Reproductions and Custom Tiles

We produce our decorative tiles in three major tile ranges in a number of sizes, colors, and glazes:

Large Hallway, Adamson's House, floor tile
Malibu Tiles (Spanish Tiles) originated in Malibu, California. The Adamson’s house circa 1930

While the decorative tile styles we have are distinct and traditional. We do offer custom services. You can enhance these traditional styles with your own influence of glaze and styling or create your own designs.

The historical sites mentioned we hope will inspire and excite your senses.

The Adamson’s house built in the 1930’s in Malibu, California. This Spanish Colonial Revival beach house is a great example of the Malibu tile styles that are basically Spanish ( and Moorish) influenced.

Mosque top, decorative Moroccan tile
Moorish Tiles sometimes called Islamic or Moroccan Tiles Inspired by thousands of years of tile making history from North Africa and the Mediterranean

The architect involved was at the time one of the key figures in the art deco of the 1920’s  architectural movement, as well as the streamlined modern movement in Los Angeles during this time. These revivalism styles included the Spanish (as mentioned) and the Moorish Revival Styles. This house is a great example of Spanish tiles, Malibu tiles, and Moorish tiles; with the tiled fountain. tile rugs as well as all the intricate tile work in and around the house.



The Spanish tiles we offer can be custom colored as reproductions within the color scheme that is required or can be reproduced in the traditional revival colors ways often seen in these historical building.


In addition, we have a wide variety of modern styles that we have developed or reproduced.  Whether interpreting a “cement” tile pattern look that can be used in swimming pools or in high traffic areas. These quarry tiles will not need a sealant and yearly maintenance  as would traditional cement tiles. Use any of our glaze colors  or match your own colors to suit your story.


Custom Tile - Pool

Modern tiles of various styles are also found around the site in various installations and are custom work. Finally for all these decorative styles we can match the glazes and develop any deco tile trim pieces needed or field tiles.