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A 1920 reproduction of a floral mural with a vase

Outdoor tiles, for a decorative tile fountain in the garden. A small mural on the longer side of the fountain wall where the spillways are incorporated.

Set among the plants and trees in the garden this fountain is made using the traditional colors from the old Malibu tiles; Which were based on Spanish and North African tile styles; such as the Moroccan tiles. Mostly involving ornate designs both floral and geometric, but not excluding some cleaner geometric designs.

The glaze colors cannot be mistaken, the greens and blues are all a precise hue and blend and enhance water very well. These colors have been used for years, in this country starting in the 20’s and 30’s with the bloom of art noveau styles as well as these more ornate Spanish styling. These glaze colors are therefore a super choice for fountains, pools, or bathrooms…as well as the kitchen. The coloring is earthen in many ways and blends well with hues of brown, natural, or rust (therefore these tiles are often matched up with satillo tiles especially when used in hacienda-style or Spanish (Spanish revival) or craftsman houses.

This particular design is very Moorish (North African) accented with the rust/browns. I apologize that the picture is not very good. But we worked on this fountain in the 90’s and we didn’t foresee the advent of the internet!

There are pencil liner edgings that go around the top of the fountain, as well as 3×6 deco tiles used as finishing on some of the other edges.