we thought both those tiles were beautiful

Dear Felix, I just got off the phone with you, and I realize that when I said that we thought both those tiles were beautiful it might have sounded like we think the many other tiles you make are not beautiful, which is definitely not the case! It’s just that we have to choose based on our current stucco color, where the tiles will be placed on the house, how the tiles will be arranged, etc. All of that forces us to narrow the choice quite a bit from among your many beautiful designs. Believe me, we have looked at a lot of tiles, both in shops and online, and there were not many that we liked. When we found Ceramic Concepts we were really impressed by your designs, and how you seem to think “outside the box” and incorporate different cultural motifs. Narrowing the choice down to only two of your designs has not been easy! All the best, Vahid Vahid

HomeOwner- Client