backsplash drawing and sample tile

5 Best Backsplashes Ideas

5 Best Backsplash Ideas

Backsplashes are an easy and cost-effective way to decorate a niche.

Are you looking for ways to fill a niche around your garden or in your house? Somewhere you can contemplate the beauty of tiles incorporated into your personal environment, enhancing your style. With little ingenuity and planning, you can make it simple and cost-effective or detailed and elaborate.

  Start with the space and then figure out your color scheme. Telling a story with color is a great way to add harmony to your surrounding.

 Tile backsplashes are great for kitchens, in the bathrooms either in the shower or bathtub walls, outdoors in a barbeque area, pool area, or free-standing fountain, and a space – like a fireplace – around your outdoor kitchen – would be nice to be set on a wall indoors or outdoors. One of the most luxurious ways to show off your backsplash is as a carpet for your outdoor patio. This is another traditional way of showing off your decorative tiles as seen in the Adamsons House, and other traditionally styled Spanish homes.

Traditional Tile carpet on patio

 As you look at some of the backsplash ideas presented you might be inspired to come up with the perfect decoration for your home or office space.

1) Reproductions ~ Peacock Mural

One of our most popular tile murals used as a backsplash is small and easy to fit into any niche. But you can also go big, really big, with spillways, add water, and make it into a fountain. There are murals that are reproductions from the tile cultures of California in the 20s and 30s, sometimes referred to as Malibu Tiles or even Spanish Tiles as their influence comes from Spain and North African tile art – a lot of which are from that era. They are specific styles and can be re-interpreted into more modern patterns or traditional.

Peacock Mural fountain

Adamson’s House fountain reproduction, with Peacock Mural and custom field tiles and trims.

2) Custom Murals

Create your own custom mural for your space and tell your design story your way. Your colors, your space, your idea! 

Here we are talking about a blank space, this idea may be more suited to those who have a strong sense of design and can build an idea either from a clipping or any small design, or be able to draw out the design itself. You can also give us your idea, we can draw it out and help it come to life. When budget is not necessarily an issue this is a great option and will give you the exclusivity and style you may desire.

Tulips Tile Mural – Designed for a Woman’s Center Entryway

3) Build a Mural Using Growth Tiles

Growth tiles are like the old Moroccan tiles that continue to expand and compound on the design as you add on pieces. These can create interesting patterns that can be customized to suit your space. Adding a border and other details can help you create the perfect story. 

There are many designs to pick from, or you can bring your own.

You can then color the tile according to your color scheme, with one tile to color this is both cost-effective and easier to coordinate. 

This way very easily you can also add some dimension to the backsplash by adding a custom border.

4) Create your Own Pattern and Design

Using any number of tiles, with a border and field tiles you can create your own custom idea. These can be made to fit within your area, and the tiles can be cut to the exact shape needed. This is the most flexible and the most affordable version to build your backsplash. You can pick field tiles with a splash of pattern to create interest, using different sizes of field tiles will create interest

5) Small & Simple

This one is really a spin-off from #4. If time and cost constraints are an issue, these simple steps can help create design and excitement within your living area. Taking 4 tiles and building a small splash will be great for your space by adding color and dimensions where it might be otherwise bland. This can be done on your flower pots, around your house number, a small splash behind the stove (or other space around the kitchen), your entryway on the floor or on the wall, or any space that might need enhancement and color.

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