Inside Matt LeBlanc’s home : 1930s Spanish-style

Inside Matt LeBlanc’s home in Los Angeles: 1930s Spanish-style home in Pacific Palisades | Top Celebrity Homes.


This is a beautiful Spanish house in Los Angeles and can perfectly portray the use of Spanish tiles.

Although in this house we really only see Spanish tiles on one occasion on the stairs and on the fountain outside.

Celebrity house that have style and elegance can be a great show place for the old Malibu style of tile making, and as such enhancing and grounding the space within the time period with all it’s opulence and beauty

This lovely expanse can be so much more decorated…as in the fireplaces and other small regions that would make

beautiful space even more lovely.


Malibu tiles can be custom made into various styles that can be kept within the period styling but yet add your own mark. For instance, some prefer the more clean lines of modern designs. Yet cleaner and more streamlined styles can be easily made, but by still utilizing the hand made look of this period and the coloring.

When we talk about the coloring and handmade styles of the Malibu or Spanish tile making periods we are thinking of the multidimensional color variations that come from the hand made look which ads depth to the coloring. Colors such as blues, greens, browns, and pale whites all fall into this trend as does the reds and rust colors.