3 Steps to Picking Your Ceramic Art Tile.

When looking into decided about what ceramic tile to install into your house there are 3 steps that are in important and will make process much easier to give a wonderful result for years to come.

These are surface, color and design all very dependent on each other and can actually vary in degrees of importance. Here will start with surface:

Glazed Tile1. Surfaces


When thinking of art tiles that will be glazed first decide where they are to be used. Once the space is pin pointed, this should be the deciding factor on whether to use mat or satin/gloss finish on the tiles.

Matt finish is great for surfaces that do not require constant cleaning or that are not immersed in water, such as flooring, backsplashes and wall applications.

Pool lines, bathroom tiles (especially in the shower) and fountain tiles that are in the water should have.

The reason is mostly for sanitation purposes (and ultimately the way it will look and last) Gloss or stain is easy to clean, whereas the matt finish is porous and absorbs liquid (and dirt) making it hard to keep clean.

Keep in mind the use of matt and gloss or satin together on one tile can create a lovely effect that adds a certain dimension.

2. Color

Marakesh Islamic Tile
Moorish/Islamic Tile Gloss and Satin

While color can also be affected by the type of glaze finish… matt, gloss or satin or combinations, it is important to pick your colors based on your specific needs.

Factoring in the application, the type of house design, the surrounding color story or lack thereof is an important bird’s eye view. As is the direction of architect, designer or your own desires.

While modern tiles use basically muted coloring as well as a strong emphasis on black, Malibu or traditional tiles have specific color stories as in the greens, blues and some earth tones.



3. Design

The design is tied in with the color and can be enhanced by the choice of color or conversely muted.

Here you would make your decisions based on the style of the house, where the tiles will be used as

majolica tile
Majolica Tile Style (Portuguese )


as the specific look you, your designer or architect are trying to achieve.

The softer majolica look,or the Malibu/traditional Spanish tile look or the one color washed out cement tile look or molded pieces which give a more Victorian look.

There is nothing as lasting an imprint as ceramic glazed tile; we can see the persistence in history where people have used them continually to improve and beautify the look and feel of their surroundings.



Enjoy the process, it’s