Malibu Tiles & Spanish Tiles (Craftsman Tiles)

Ceramic Tiles

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Our hand-painted tiles of the Spanish Revival Collection are made in Echo Park, California.

These Malibu tile and Spanish tile reproductions are of the famous Malibu Tile Pottery designs of the 1920s. Produced and made by Felix Schmeing who was trained by the Malibu Tiles Pottery House that originated these styles.

At Ceramic Concepts :

    • Our tiles are perfect for interior or outdoor application.
    • Including but not limited to patios, pools, fountains, walkways, fireplace surrounds, stair risers, bathrooms, kitchens and more
  • Available, also are trims as needed to be coordinated with your deco tile including but not limited too:

–> Chair Rail inside & outside corners, V-Cap corner, 1/4 Round Beak.

  • Malibu tiles and Spanish tiles are available in 6×6, 5×5 (special cut), 4×4 sizes and any can be cut into custom sizes you might need for your job

Each tile is made by hand and has the variation and styling that is usual with this style of tiles making. The tradition calls for strong, bright colors that evoke a sense of joy, festivities and happiness within our surroundings.

As these are all custom made we can also match your style – if you prefer monochromatic coloring to match a more simple and modern style this can also be done easily. We can match your glazes and the style that you want to portray.