Bathrooms – Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms


Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms can easily to fit into any


Bathroom tiles

Classic Bathroom Ceramic Tiles

bathroom modern tiles

Modern Tiles for Bathroom

Art and decorative tiles or modern tiles can  be custom made to fit your style and taste.

Bring your colors and designs and we will make them come true. Working with on of our many line drawings to be recolored as to your needs is easy.

We are known for Malibu/ Spanish tile reproductions, Moorish or Islamic Moroccan tiles as well as Modern tiles.

Or pick from  wide variety of “In Stock” tiles that can be used as accents or you can create your own personal look by pitching your own coloring.


Whether you are remodeling or building a new house tiles offer the perfect accent.

Pencil liners, bathroom tiles

Bathroom pencil liners

You can use subway tiles or pencil liners with a reproduction of a design you like. We also have several patterns in black line art work that are from the 20’s and 30’s. The design patterns available are mostly in  the old Malibu tile styles, and/or Catalina tile styles, Moroccan tiles, or Spanish tiles; as well as Modern tiles.

decorative bathroom ceramic tiles

Available are most types of trims and field tiles that can be made in your custom colors to co-ordinate with the decorative tiles you pick or design.

Timing is important,  generally it takes 8-10 weeks from start of design to shipping; but it depends on the approval times for samples and colors. If ordering “in stock” styles for smaller orders (up to 100 deco tile pieces) up to two weeks and for larger 2-4 weeks.

Here is a gallery of some of our install if you want to get some bathroom design ideas.