A Little History

Hand painted tile art history; Globe Trotters

Felix moved from German to the USA

German born Felix Schmeing trained as a potter in Germany and moved to California in 1990. There he opened his own studio as a production potter.

While participated in various shows and workshops around Los Angeles and California,  he soon developed an interest in tile making and further trained with the  Malibu Tile Factory in California, in the art of making hand painted decorative (deco) tiles; reproduction of vintage Californian tiles. His great interest being the exacting art of glaze formula mixing.

He became known to many architects, designers and contractors.

Owner of Ceramic Concepts;

Felix Scheming 1990

‘Most of my design work is based on the Moorish and Spanish tile tradition. When I moved to California I started to experiment with classic Malibu tile designs. The color palette I developed is a perfect match for the Malibu style as it reflects the Californian landscape. The distinguished look of my tiles is achieved using the Spanish “Cuerda Seca” or Dry line method.’




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