Our “in-stock collection” is a collection of ceramic tiles that are very popular and very well-known representatives of the 1920s Malibu tile era. These ceramic art tiles are available in three colorways with 5 glaze colors of field tiles that coordinate back. We offer these as a cost-effective solution to your tile needs. They are priced according to the quantities needed and are usually ready to ship within 2 weeks’ time (depending on the quantities)

Application: These ceramic tiles are perfect for every indoor or outdoor installation. The only expectation would be for pools. Pool tiles need to be all gloss and depending on the climate – able to withstand frost and freeze. For this reason, when you pick your tiles to go into pools or fountains please let us know we will use high-density tiles or porcelain as a base to allow for as little water absorption as possible. After the tiles are fired they will absorb even less water. This will eliminate any type of cracking or breaking. 

Take a look around and let us know if we can help you with anything.

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