Getting Started with Your Custom Tiles Order

Custom tiles can enhance your living area with beauty and style that is reflective of who you are.

Once you decide on tiles, the first thing after you have decided on the type of tile art or design you would like on your tiles is to figure out what size you will need.

A tile setter, or your contractor or designer can help you figure out how many tiles you need for each space you have. Once you know the square footage of the space where your custom tiles will be installed you will need to know what size tiles you would like to use.

Tile measuring tool for custom tile order
Easily figure out how many tiles you need for your square footage

Typically, the size is determined by the look that you are trying to achieve, the type of space and area you are tiling and how the space breaks up into the specific tile size. That is, 6×6. 4×4, etc.

Here is a handy calculator to figure out the amount of tiles you would need for the most common sizes:

If this is a DIY project then carefully measure the space you have and using this calculator figure out how many pieces you will need. Typically, decorative tiles are ordered per piece and field tiles are ordered per square feet.

Consider any trims you might need to give your project a nice finished look and not leaving any hard edges.

Decorative Tiles with Matching Trim - Chairrails
Chair -Rails

When placing your order with us be sure to let us know what the tiles are being used for. We can help you by suggesting if your custom tiles should be glossy, sating or matte to better accommodate your installation.

Once ready if you are installing the tiles on your own be sure to seek the advice of experts so that you have less hassle and better success the first time around.

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